Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whats New: Hard Candy Highlight and Contour Cheek Duo - a "Fine one one" Alternative?

The gods of makeup have officially smiled down on me! I have been eying this  little number for months. And have just never brought myself to spend $30 on a multi-purpose blush that does something that I can do on my own with one more little step. I've dreamed that a drugstore company would come out with something similar at a fraction of the price so that I could at least have the option of this type of product for on the go or if I'm in a hurry.

Hard Candy cosmetics heard my plea, and made my wish come true! This is certainly not going to be a dupe of Benefit "fine one one", however, the concept is the same, and the application is just as easy!

So, are you curious about how to use this product? All you do, is swipe it on your cheeks where you would normally place your blush, making sure that the highligher shade (the lightest of the 2 shades on the stick) is facing up. Then after that, all you do is blend both shades with a light touch of your finger, or a stippling brush, and that's it. So easy. So fast. So genius.

The Hard Candy Facebook page  is where I first saw that they were coming out with this, and I've been stalking my local Walmart ever since. I finally found them and jumped for joy. This product comes in 3 shades, Cheeky Pink, Sun Kissed and Sweet Cheeks. I got the Cheeky Pink shade. They have a retail of $7. So, if your like me, and have been dying to try "fine one one" from Benefit, but haven't gotten up the courage to shell out $30 for it, then you may want to give this cheek color from Hard Candy a try!

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