Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tip Tuesday: De-potting blushes

Have you ever heard of de-potting? I kind of go crazy with it. It is really easy to do and will really clear up the clutter in your makeup storage! Here is what you are going to need:

  1. Blush that you'd like to de-pot
  2. A thin, sharp metal object (I'm using a knife I got in a 4 pack from the dollar store)
  3. Flat Iron
  4. Small piece of Parchment paper
  5. Sharpie
  6. Empty magnetic pallet to put your de-potted goodness in when we're done
To start off, make sure your surface is stable and clean. Wash you hands and grab your product. Today I'll be showing you how to de-pot the Physicians Formula Blushes that I scored for $1 (read more about that here).

Open up both sides of the blush and place it on top of your flat iron (on the lowest heat setting), with parchment paper in between so you don't ruin your iron. Leave the blush on there for about 20 seconds. You don't want it too hot. Just warm enough to make the glue tacky. You could also use a candle or tea light for this. I like using a flat iron because I feel like you are less likely to burn yourself or your product with a flat iron. Just be careful with whatever you use in this step!

Next, take your thin sharp metal object. And slide it in between the pan and the product housing. Wiggle your metal object back and forth until you can get under the pan with your object.

Once you have your object underneath your pan, see saw until it pops free. Make sure you are super gentle, you don't want to ruin your blush!

Once it's out remove the glue residue from the back of the pan. This was very easy to do with these blushes, but you might have to get out the rubbing alcohol and scrub it off a little. I've worked with some that were way more tacky and hard to get off than these were. Again, make sure you are being careful, you don't want to break your blush!

Label up the back of your pan for future reference of your product! Trust me, don't skip this step! Then, check to see if your pan is magnetic. If it isn't you'll want to put a magnet on the back (Z Pallets come with little round magnet stickers).

 Place it in your pallet and your DONE! Easy. And, your makeup clutter station will thank you!

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