Monday, March 31, 2014

Review: Lorac Pocket Pro Palette

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was great. Today I'm going to be reviewing the Lorac Pocket Pro Palette. It's a palette that contains 3 of the shades from the Lorac PRO palette. It retails for $15 at Ulta, and The shades that are in this little pocket palette are: Nude, Pewter & Espresso.

Nude is a pale shimmery pink shade. It's georgous around the inner corner and when sheered out, it can work great for under the eyebrows.

Pewter is a satin taupe shade. It has less shimmer than the Nude shade, but it definitely has a sheen. I like to take this shade and blend it over the lid, and slightly into the crease.

Espresso is a deep matte brown. This is a wonderful and pigmented color that can be worn as an eyeliner or to define the outer v of your eye. You can also pull it into your crease depending on your skin tone. For my pale skin, it doesn't work in my crease, it's far too dark. But it's great for eyeliner, and I can even take it under my lower lashes to make my eye's pop.

Overall this is a great little pallet to have. If you already have the PRO palette, than obviously you don't need this Pocket Pro Palette, unless you find yourself using these 3 shades from the PRO palette more than the other shades.

I purchased this because I had never used Lorac shadows before and have heard that they are amazing. I didn't want to commit to the more expensive PRO palette if I wasn't in love with it, so I thought this was a great way to try the shadows at a fraction of the cost. I think I may start saving up to buy the full PRO palette after trying this Pocket Pro Palette. The shadows are super pigmented, creamy, simple and easy to work with and blend.

The only thing that I find wrong with this palette, is that there isn't a great transition/crease shade in the mix. I can work with the three shades to make an eye look, but I wish I had just one more mid-tone shade to incorporate. Otherwise, I'm a fan! Definately worth a try if you want to dabble in some high-end and quality shadows!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Haul: Maybelline, Physicians Formula, The Body Shop & more!

Happy Friday! I hope your week was great. I'm back in the thick of drugstore deals this week, so I hope you're ready to shop! I went to Target, CVS, and The Body Shop this week. 

 At Target I was able to get some great deals using the $3 off $15 Beauty purchase coupon that came with my Target Beauty Box. If you follow me on Facebook, you will have seen that I posted a link for you to print off a coupon for $3 off any $5 yes to coupon, and I also posted about Target having a lot of Clearance finds this week as well. So, make sure you are following me! So, here is the deal I was able to get with combining all of these coupons:

Yes to Blueberry Cleansing Facial Towelettes (Bonus Pack) $5.99
Yes to Cucumbers Cleansing Facial Towelettes (Bonus Pack) $5.99
Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation (Clearance priced) $5.48 =
-$3.00 ($3 off $15 Beauty purchase coupon that came with my Target Beauty Box)
-$3.00 (Yes to coupon from here)
-$3.00 (Yes to coupon from here)
-$2.00 (Coupon that I printed for Revlon from here
$6.46 for all 3 items!

The first thing I picked up at CVS, was this 2 pack of Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara. CVS has a sale where if you buy $10 worth of Maybelline cosmetics, you get $3 back in extra bucks. I also had a $2 off coupon from the red machine. Here is what this deal looks like:

2 pack of Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara in "Blackest Black"
$9.99 (The extra bucks will still print even though it's a penny off of the $10)
-$2.00 ($2 off any Maybelline cosmetics purchase coupon from red machine)
-$3.00 (Bucks that printed on my receipt for a future purchase)

-$0.99 (10% back for Beauty Club membership - 10% is always taken BEFORE coupons)
 $3.99 - Only $2 per mascara!

Next up, I had to get in on the Physicians Formula deal, where if you buy any 2 Physicians Formula cosmetics, you get $10 back in extra bucks! I had a coupon from the red machine for Physicians Formula, and when I went to Target, I found these fun little pink stickers on Physicians Formula products that said "Buy 1 Get 1 FREE". So, I peeled one off and took it to CVS where I was able to score this deal:

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips All-in-one Nude pallet for face and eyes in "Natural Nude" & "Warm Nude" $13.99 each...
$13.99 x 2 =
-$13.99 (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE coupon sticker)
-$3.00 ($3 off any Physicians Formula cosmetics purchase coupon from red machine)
-$10.00 (Bucks that printed on my receipt for a future purchase)

-$2.79 (10% back for Beauty Club membership - 10% is always taken BEFORE coupons) 
 $1.80 - Only $0.90 for each pallet!

Next, if you follow me on Facebook, you will have seen me post about a Groupon deal for The Body Shop. For $15 you get $30 to spend in store! This is just a straight $30, and if there are sales in store, you can still use the Groupon! This past weekend, there was a sale for "Buy 2 get 2 or buy 3 get 3". So, I was able to get 6 items for the price of 3, plus I used my Groupon to pay for most of my purchase! Here is how it worked

4 single eyeshadows in "Caramel Flirt", "Chocolate Linger", "Coconuts About You", & "Pink Crush" $10.00 each x 4 = $40.00

2 single blushes in "Bubble Gum", & "Ginger" $16.00 each x 2  = $32.00

  $40.00 (eyeshadows)
+$32.00 (Blushes)
-$15.00 (Amount from the Groupon)
-$30.00 ("Buy 2 get 2 or buy 3 get 3" sale)
 $27.00 for all 6 items, only $4.50 per item!

This week, had I not gotten any of these cosmetics on sale or used coupons, I would have paid $127.43. Since I was smart about my shopping, I only paid $39.25! What were you able to score this week? Make sure that if you want to get in on any of the Drugstore deals, you shop before Sunday!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

HUGE giveaway!

Hey everyone! I started this blog about 2 months ago, and I seriously cannot believe how amazing it has been. I've had a handful of opportunities already, and I'm so lucky to be able to share what I love to do with you. To say "thank you", I've put together a giveaway! Items that are included in this giveaway are:
  1. Vanilla Bliss body butter from The Body Shop 6.9 oz. (Full size!)
  2. Jesse's Girl eye color collection pallet in "Tickled Pink" (Full size!)
  3. elf Small Stipple Brush (I use mine ALL the time!)
  4. elf Defining Eye Brush (Seriously use mine EVERY DAY!)
  5. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes 7ct. 
  6. épicé Purifying exfoliant 1 oz.
  7. Almay makeup eraser sticks 24 ct. (Full size!)
  8. Ms. Manicure "File When Ready" mini nail files 3 ct.
  9. Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment mask 1 ct.
  10. Tan Towell towelette 1 ct.
  11. Beauty Sparkling Cream Pallette in "Volta" (Full size!)
  12. elf Baked Bronzer in "Maui" (Full size!)
  13. elf Shimmer Pallette  (Full size!)
  14. Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in "Black" (Full size!)
  15. Suncoat nail enamel in "Sienna" (Full size!)
  16. Revlon Colorstay nail enamel in "Bare" (Full size!)
  17. ChapStick True Shimmer lip balm in "Botanical Berry" (Full size!)
  18. Fekkai Glossing Cream 2 oz.
  19. Olay Fresh Effects {Shine, Shine go Away} Cleanser 0.68 oz.
  20. L'Oreal Sublime Sun SPF 30 Lightweight Sunscreen 0.5 oz.
  21. Victoria's Secret Bombshell Body Lotion 1.7 oz.
  22. Almay Soothing & De-Puffing gentle eye makeup remover pads 80 ct. (Full size!)
  23. Olay PRO X Spot Fading Treatment .23 oz.
  24. Jordana InColor Fabuliner liquid eye liner in "Brown" (Full size!)
  25. Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate oil (Full size!)
  26. Three (3) Almay Shadow Softies in "Petal" , "Hot Fudge", & "Cashmere" (Full size!)
  27. Nivea Extended Moisture Lotion 1 oz.
  28.  Facial Brush from The Body Shop
  29. Vanilla Bliss hand cream from The Body Shop 1 oz.
  30. Benefit They're Real Mascara 0.1 oz.
  31. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer .25 oz.
  32. Mally Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner in "Starshine" (Full size!)
  33. Yves Rocher deep wrinkle expert care day/night 0.23 oz
PLUS 10 product samples from L'Oreal, Lumene, Proactive, Yes To Grapefruit, The Body Shop and MORE!!!!!

Use the Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway. Winner will be chosen at random, and will be notified by email from OR Facebook private message from me personally! Please don't be fooled by scammers! Giveaway ends exactly one week from today, and winner will be notified immediately after!

Congrats to Julia G.!
Thanks to everyone for entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Whats New: elf Moisturizing Foundation Stick

It seems like elf always has new products popping up on their website these days! I love trying new things, and since they had a great deal last week I was able to pick a few things up for half price.

One of the items I got was the elf Moisturizing Foundation Stick. I love foundations in stick form, and yes, it's still cold here in the midwest so moisturizing sounded great for my parched skin!

This foundation retails for $6 for 0.49 oz from the elf website, and comes in 8 different shades. I got the shade "Ivory", and it matches my skin tone pretty well.

The application is pretty easy and mess-free. All you do is swipe it on your face where you want the most coverage, then blend away using fingers, a sponge or a brush. The feel of this foundation is a powdery feel once it is blended out. But, it still feels hydrating

The packaging is nice and sleek. It comes in a black matte stick that twists up to reveal the product. Mine wont twist down unless I press on it to help it along, but that doesn't really bother me.

Overall, I really like this foundation. It feels nice, it applies smoothly, and it has decent staying power. A bargain at only $6!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tip Tuesday: De-potting blushes

Have you ever heard of de-potting? I kind of go crazy with it. It is really easy to do and will really clear up the clutter in your makeup storage! Here is what you are going to need:

  1. Blush that you'd like to de-pot
  2. A thin, sharp metal object (I'm using a knife I got in a 4 pack from the dollar store)
  3. Flat Iron
  4. Small piece of Parchment paper
  5. Sharpie
  6. Empty magnetic pallet to put your de-potted goodness in when we're done
To start off, make sure your surface is stable and clean. Wash you hands and grab your product. Today I'll be showing you how to de-pot the Physicians Formula Blushes that I scored for $1 (read more about that here).

Open up both sides of the blush and place it on top of your flat iron (on the lowest heat setting), with parchment paper in between so you don't ruin your iron. Leave the blush on there for about 20 seconds. You don't want it too hot. Just warm enough to make the glue tacky. You could also use a candle or tea light for this. I like using a flat iron because I feel like you are less likely to burn yourself or your product with a flat iron. Just be careful with whatever you use in this step!

Next, take your thin sharp metal object. And slide it in between the pan and the product housing. Wiggle your metal object back and forth until you can get under the pan with your object.

Once you have your object underneath your pan, see saw until it pops free. Make sure you are super gentle, you don't want to ruin your blush!

Once it's out remove the glue residue from the back of the pan. This was very easy to do with these blushes, but you might have to get out the rubbing alcohol and scrub it off a little. I've worked with some that were way more tacky and hard to get off than these were. Again, make sure you are being careful, you don't want to break your blush!

Label up the back of your pan for future reference of your product! Trust me, don't skip this step! Then, check to see if your pan is magnetic. If it isn't you'll want to put a magnet on the back (Z Pallets come with little round magnet stickers).

 Place it in your pallet and your DONE! Easy. And, your makeup clutter station will thank you!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Eco Emi: March 2014 Box

Have you heard of Eco-Emi? It's a monthly subscription service that's $15/month, and every month they send you a box full of earth-friendly, Eco-friendly goodies! Most of them are sample sized, but some are full sized! This month there were 4 full sized products, that together valued over $25! It comes in a small sized Priority Mail box, and it is always packaged so nicely, and this months theme was "slumber party". I have been subscribed for a year now, and I've never been disappointed. I always get my moneys worth and more as well. Here is a list and short description of the products (from the card you get within the box) that I got in March's box:

1. Shea Butter by Karitex $10.00/200 gram pouch (full size product in Eco Emi box!)
Organic and 100% raw, this Shea Butter is a must! It naturally contains vitamin A, which aids in restoring a number of skin conditions. Perfect for treatment of minor cuts or scrapes. Shea Butter accelerates the healing process.

2. 2N1 Lip Therapy and Cuticle Treatment by The Lano Company $5 (full size product in Eco Emi box!)
Infused with jojoba, coconut, and sweet almond oils, this applicator helps alleviate dry and chapped skin by replenishing moisture. It is in a great travel sized tube making it convienient to use on the go, great for overnight relief as well.

3. Dawn Lip Gloss by Purely You minerals $8 (full size product in Eco Emi box!)
Drench your lips in moisture and kiss them with color! If you want to go for a more natural look, Dawn is the perfect shade for you. This vegan lip gloss contains all natural vitamins, oils, and minerals.

4. Red Popcorn by Kitts Kernel $6.25/1.5 lb bag
This flavorful popcorn is a great choice for movie night! Each kernel is non-GMO and grown naturally, enhancing the corn flavor.

5. Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes by La Fresh $9.99/pouch
Say good-bye to oily makeup removers, and say hello to a clean, fresh face with La Fresh eco-beauty makeup remover. Use this to effortlessly and instantly remove waterproof makeup while soaking your skin with lavender aromatherapy.

Eco-Beauty Nail Polish Remover Pads by La Fresh $5.99/10 count
No need to use harsh, pungent, drying, conventional polish removers; these pads are acetone-free, have an incredibly delicious orange scent and won't dry out the skin. One pad cleans and conditions all 10 nails.

6. Almond Bar by Kuli Kuli $2.89/bar or $32.99/pack of 12
Sourced from West Africa, this sweet and salty snack bar is filled with a nutritious and medicinal plant called Morninga, making it gluten-free and vegan. Made with simple and understandable ingredients, this bar provides the protein, iron, and calcium you need throughout the day.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fiday Haul: elf, Burts Bees, Tarte and more!

Happy Friday! I have some great finds for you today! I hope you're following me on Facebook, so that you can see the deals as they come, since a lot of this weeks haul comes from some online shopping with some great coupon codes that I always share with you on Facebook! Most codes are not available anymore, so make sure you "like" me so that next time you wont miss out! This week at the drug store(s) was a slight miss. Other than one good deal, I didn't see anything I wanted to jump on, so the majority of my haul this week is from online shopping.

I got 2 new Tarte items this week! I love Tarte, and their products never disappoint. I posted a code (no longer valid) on my Facebook page, where you could get 50% off of all of their cheek stains and LipSurgence's! So, I scored these for 1/2 off! The retail for these was $24 for the LipSurgence in "fearless" and $30 for the cheek stain in "tipsy", but with the coupon code, I paid $27!

I also did a little Ulta shopping this week! I always scan the clearance section of my Ulta store. Sometimes I find junk and sometimes there is a great steal waiting for me to pick up! This week I found a clearanced Burt's Bees Christmas kit that was originally $14.99, and was marked down to $7.49. So a 50% savings already! Then, I am lacking in the lip liner area of my makeup collection, so to get my total to over $10, I got the NYX lip liner in "nude" for $4.49. And, since  my total was over $10, I was able to use my coupon that was sent to me in the mail (you can also print one here, or use your Mobil device) for $3.50 off $10 purchase. So, with coupon savings, and clearance savings I went from $19.48 to $8.49!.

Here is another internet coupon code that I posted on my Facebook wall. I scored some elf goodies! These were all 50% off. Here is a list of the items I got:

elf Moisturizing Foundation Stick in "ivory"
elf Mineral Eyeshadow in "Seductive"
elf Mineral Eyeshadow in "Innocent"
elf Mineral Eyeshadow in "Temptress"
elf Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in "Whats your name?"
elf Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in "Beauty Queen"
elf Blush Pallet in "Light"

I'm SUPER excited for the blush pallet! More on that next week! Full retail for these items would have cost me $27. But with the code, I was able to score all of this for $20.45 with shipping!

And AGAIN with the Facebook. You should really follow me :) I posted a few weeks ago that Target was selling another Beauty Box! This deal was for 5 items (both full size and deluxe samples) for only $5 SHIPPED! So, basically only $1 per item. The mascara in this box alone retails for more than the whole box! Items are:

1) TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray (2.5 fl oz): Want beachy hair without hitting the surf? Spray from root to tip for salty, sultry texture and subtle, windswept waves. Retail: $4.99

2) L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara (.22 fl oz): Stretch and lengthen lashes for a fluttery, winged-out look with this unique mascara formula and revolutionary asymmetrical Butterfly Brush. Retail: $7.99 to $8.99 depending on the store.

3) Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo (1.7 oz): Give hair a rejuvenating boost with this paraben and colorant-free formula made with natural tapioca to instantly absorb excess oil with less residue. Retail: $1.99

4) COVER GIRL Smoochies Sizzle Gloss (.44 fl oz): Pucker up. Sheer color meets sizzling shimmer in a moisturizing formula that’s always stunning, never sticky. Retail: $6.49

5) Jergens BB Body Cream Light (2 fl oz): Finally, a multi-tasking beauty cream in a quick-drying formula that goes on sheer and delivers visible results in just 5 days. Retail : $3.46

So, value of this box is about $25.  A $20 savings! Oh, and it also came with a Target coupon good for $3 off your $15 beauty purchase.

And, my last two items come from CVS, where they have a deal this week on Aquaphor or Eucerin - buy any 2 and get $5 Bucks back. These little travel/trial sized Eucerin Original Healing Lotions are priced at $1.19 and they produce the $5 bucks on your receipt! Here is the math in case you're curious how it works (yes, it is a money-maker!)...
Eucerin Original Healing Lotion 1 oz.
$1.19 x 2 =
-$5.00 (Bucks that printed on my receipt for a future purchase)
-$0.23 (10% back for Beauty Club membership - 10% is always taken BEFORE coupons)
-$2.85 A great money making deal!

So, that's all! How did you do this week? My weekly total was a bit higher than I normally spend at $58.09, but had I not gotten any deals I would have paid $127.86! So, I saved well over 50% on my purchases and even got a few high end items!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Smackdown: Champagne Highlighters

Champagne Highlighters are super popular right now. Champagne looks great on every skin tone, and highlighting is something that has gained a lot of popularity since Kim Kardashian got famous for her cheekbones. Today I've taken three Champagne Highlighters out of my collection and have swatched and compared them for you!

 elf Studio Body Shimmer in "Mystic Moonlight",  Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick in "Sparkling Sand", and Benefit "Watt's Up!"

So, lets start with the prices of these three items. The elf Studio Body Shimmer in "Mystic Moonlight" is priced at only $3.00 for .35 oz. The Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick in "Sparkling Sand" is $10.99 for .37 oz, and Benefit "Watt's Up!" is $30 for .33 oz. (Full size not pictured). So, we have highlighters here in every price range.

The Textures of these Champagne Highlighters are very similar with some minor differences. The  elf Studio Body Shimmer in "Mystic Moonlight" is a creamy texture that stays somewhat creamy on the skin.  Benefit "Watt's Up!" is creamy as well, and feels very similar to the elf, but it is a harder consistency, so it's more difficult to build up (however being a highlighter, that's sometimes a good thing). Then the Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick in "Sparkling Sand" is a cream-to-powder texture, that feels a bit dryer while you're applying it. 

The color payoff of all of these highlighters are pretty much equal. I feel like they are all very opaque and pigmented. The undertones of these highlighters are pretty different, though. I have swatched them below so that you can see the difference. The elf Studio Body Shimmer in "Mystic Moonlight" has a very distinct pink undertone. The Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick in "Sparkling Sand" is neutral with a slight yellow undertone, and Benefit "Watt's Up!" is the warmest of the bunch with a golden-orange undertone.

The staying power of all three is pretty similar, with the Benefit "Watt's Up!" being the one with the longest staying power. I can't see a difference on my skin in the staying power between the elf or the Sonia Kashuk.

Overall, I'd have to say that if you are in the market of wanting or needing a cream Champagne Highlighter in stick form, any of these would be a good choice. You may want to consider your skin type and buy one based off of the undertones of your skin and match it with the undertones of the Highlighter. With that being said, Champagne is one of the most forgiving colors, and can usually be used on every skin tone if you apply it correctly.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Whats New: Physicians Formula Nude Wear Glowing Nude Blush

I feel like my blog has been seriously lacking in the Physicians Formula area! I mean, it's truly one of my absolute favorite drug store makeup brads. So, I decided to do my Whats New Wednesday on a little Physicians Formula!

The Physicians Formula Nude Wear Glowing Nude Blush, is a pinky/peach blush that has four quadrants of color. Two of them are pinkish, and the other two are more peachy. You can wear one individual shade, or sweep your brush and mix all four together. Or, even do a combination of two or three of the shades! The possibilities are endless for this blush!

This retails for $12.99, and is sold wherever Physicians Formula is found! I like to get Physicians Formula cosmetics at CVS when they have a sale, but I've seen the brand at Target, Walmart, Christmas Tree Shops, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Let talk about the packaging, shall we? How adorable is it? The little rose-gold bow is such a fun touch. I really adore a lot of Physicians Formula cosmetic packaging, but this one is the cutest! It has a magnetic closure on the front and the back of the packaging. The front has a the pan of blush, and the back has a little cut-out that holds a flat brush and behind it, there is a nice sized mirror. The out side is a faux leather texture that is a peachy nude color.

Below are swatches of all four quadrants of color, then a swatch of them all mixed up.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tip Tuesday: DIY Lip Balm

Remember when we pressed all those loose eye shadows, and we were left with a bunch of empty jars? Well, this week I'm going to give you a yummy recipe for your lips that you can use those jars for! I call this "White chocolate gloss". Today, I'll be making this with lemon flavoring, however, feel free to use whatever flavor you like. Or omit the flavoring, since the chocolate has great flavor on it's own. I just think that white chocolate, and lemon are a dream together. Here is what you'll need:

Small chunk beeswax (about the size of a small grape)- or other hard wax that is safe for cosmetic use
1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon petroleum jelly
1 candy melts (I used yellow, since I'm making it with lemon)
Zip-top plastic baggie
Bowl of HOT water
1-3 drops of an oil-based candy flavoring (depending on how much flavor you want in your gloss - mine is obviously lemon flavored)
2-3 Clean Empty jars

Place the beeswax, coconut oil, petroleum jelly, & candy melt into the baggie and zip it shut. Then place it into your hot water.

Leave it there for 5-10 minutes, or until everything is melted together (the wax will be the last to melt, so make sure there are no small chunks), you may need to replace the hot water if it cools too much. Then massage the ingredients until they are smooth.

Dry off the outside of your baggy very well! You don't want water getting into your gloss. Then open your bag and drop in your flavoring. I used a medicine dropper for this, most pharmacy's will give them to you for free.

Snip the corner off of the baggy.

Start piping your gloss into your cleaned out jars. Tap the jars gently to get the gloss evened out. Then let them cool down. I placed mine in the fridge for a few hours.

This recipe filled 1 of my bigger jars, and 2 smaller jars. You can double or even triple the recipe if you want! These would make a great inexpensive gift, or they would be a great addition to a treat bag or gift bag for a party! Have fun, and make sure you come back for next tip Tuesday!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Almay Shadow Softies with swatches of ALL shades!

If you've been reading my Friday Haul posts, then you've seen that I've gotten a bunch of Almay Shadow Softies for very little money lately. Well, I've put them to the test, and I have a verdict about their performance.

Almay claims that these shadows are "light as air, whipped powder shadows that glide on for a sheer wash of crease-free color with a cushiony soft feel. In 12 shades, 6 mattes and 6 metallics. hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist tested".

Lets start with the colors. Due to the $5 off 2 coupon, I was able to pick up every shade of these Almay Shadow Softies at Walgreens last week for penny's each (I picked up more over the weekend, after my Friday Haul post :). So, I have every color that these come in. The color selection is great, with a great variety of finishes and lighter and darker colors. My favorites are the "Hot Fudge", and "Peach Fuzz" shades. For me, "Peach Fuzz" is by far the most pigmented of the bunch.

The texture of these shadows is different than anythings I've ever felt. They don't fell like a powder shadow, and I wouldn't say that they are a cream consistency either. It's like a whipped powder feel, if there is such a thing. Because of their unique texture, they have absolutely no fall-out. One thing that may or may not be a good thing, is that because of their consistency, they are very, very difficult to be used with a brush. I found, that using my fingers was the best application method for these shadows. And, some people may not feel like that is a great way for them to use shadows, so if that doesn't work for you, then I would steer clear of these.

The pigmentation of the Almay Shadow Softies, is hit and miss between the shades. I find that the darker shades are decently pigmented, where the lighter ones are more of a wash of color. Which is exactly what Almay claims them to be. These shadows went on very nicely for me with a few swipes across my lids with a clean finger, and lasted about 6 hours, then seemed to fade away without a trace. It was almost weird how it was like they were magic and it disappeared from my eyelids. They were very pretty and nice once applied, and didn't crease at all for me, which is great since I have oily lids!

Overall, I'd say these would be great for someone who wants a pretty wash of color. You can easily wear these with just a few swipes of your fingers, so the application is fast, too. I will personally continue to use these, since I love the color selection, and some days, a wash of color is all I need or want for my eye look.

Below I've swatched all of the colors, so that you can get an idea of pigmentation and color payoff. Please keep in mind that these shadows will look different on you, I'm pretty pale, so the darker colors will show up nicely on my skin, where the lighter colors get sort of lost.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ipsy: March 2014

Have you heard of Ipsy? It's a beauty subscription that costs $10/month and they send you 4-5 products inside of a cute little makeup bag. I've been subscribed to them for around 10 months, and I always get my money worth, with some of my bags valuing at over $50! Plus, it gives me a chance to try things that I normally wouldn't try. I love it! Here is what I got in this month's bag:

First of all, how cute is the bag this month? It was designed by an artist named klari, and I love the colors! It's a fun bag this month for sure.

 First thing I got, was this gorgeous deluxe lipstick from BareMinerals in the shade "Get Ready". The full size of this Lipstick retails for $18.

Next is a full sized pallet from NYX. It's their Love in Rio line, and this pallet is called "Cabana Boy", and this has a retail value of $6.

And, on to another full size product. This is the NEW Chella eyeliner pen in "Indigo Blue" and it retails for $24! I've gotten Chella products in my Ipsy bag before, and they are great!

Lastly, I got this Flawless Beauty Primer from Pixi. Retail of this is $9. The above swatches are: on top, the product straight from the tube, and on bottom, sheared out. This is a very brightening and non-silicon feeling primer!

There you have it! Had I purchased each individual product alone, I would have spent $57 retail! Plus, I got a cute little bag! I love Ipsy!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Haul: Physicians Formula, Revlon, Almay & more!

 It's Friday, and you know what that means... my weekly haul. This week I'll show you again, how you can get some free cosmetics to add to your makeup collection, as well as how to shop for deals at the dollar store. Lets get started, I've got a lot to cover this week!

1. Revlon super lustrous lipstick in "Kissable Pink". This was a free item this week from CVS. They have an Extra buck deal this week where super lustrous lipstick or gloss is on sale for 6.99 and you get $4 extra bucks back. Essentially making this lip product $2.99 after the bucks. However, you know by now that I'm a fan of that red coupon machine, and a few weeks back it gave me a $3 off any Revlon cosmetics coupon. So, with the combination of the coupon and bucks back, I got this for free. Here's the math:

Revlon super lustrous lipstick in "Kissable Pink"
$6.99  (On sale, reg. $8.99)
-$3.00 ($3 off any Revlon cosmetic purchase coupon from red machine)
-$4.00 (Bucks that printed on my receipt for a future purchase)
-$0.69 (10% back for Beauty Club membership - 10% is always taken BEFORE coupons)
-$0.70  A slight money-maker!

2. Next, if you follow me on facebook, you will have seen that I posted a link for you to print a $5 off 2 Almay cosmetics coupon. Well, if you happened to print that coupon, then you'll be able to score this deal at CVS right now. When you buy 2 Almay i-color cosmetics on sale for $5.99 each, you get $6 in Extra bucks back. Here is the math for this one:

Almay intense i-color shadow trios
$5.99 x 2=
-$5.00 (Coupon I printed from here)
-$6.00 (Bucks that printed on my receipt for a future purchase)
-$1.19 (10% back for Beauty Club membership - 10% is always taken BEFORE coupons)
-$0.21 Another slight money-making deal!

 3. Now, on to a little Walgreens shopping. I got 4 Almay shadow softies there this week, in "Vintage Grape", "Smoke", "Lilac" & "Petal" . Anyone else sort of dislike Walgreens or is it just me? Anyway, my transaction got a bit messed up, so I'll try my best to explain myself here with these shadows. These retail for $4.99 each and there is a sale on Almay cosmetics, buy one get one 1/2 off. Then, there is a Walgreens coupon in a little booklet next to where the ads are in the stores that is for $2 off Almay cosmetics. So, combining that deal with that coupon for $5 off 2 Almay cosmetics, and the $2 off Walgreens coupon, you SHOULD be able to score free shadow softies at Walgreens this week. I got 4 of them and could only use 1 of the $5 off 2 coupons, so these weren't free for me, the coupons wouldn't scan and they had to get a manager to come look at it, and I got frustrated because I was holding up the line, so I just went with it, and here is how it turned out:

4 Almay shadow softies
$4.99 x 4 =  $19.96
-$4.99 (Buy one get one 1/2 off sale)
-$8.00 (Coupon booklet savings - $2 off each Almay item you buy)
-$5.00 (Coupon I printed from here)
 $1.97 ($0.49 for each eyeshadow - not bad)

This situation was a bit frustrating, I'll admit. This happens, though. And, it could have been worse. I could always take them back, but then I would also be out a very good coupon, since there is no way I'd get that back. Anyway, my point is that Walgreens is usually not my favorite place to shop for deals. Their coupon policy is pretty fierce and they are sometimes pretty rude about things (I've lived in lots of different areas, and always have had a problem with rude cashiers and managers when using coupons). So, tread lightly with this deal. You can decide if it is worth it or not, since the coupon from your printer may not scan and they may look at you like your a fraud :/ May I also add, that CVS took the same coupon from the same computer with no problems at all (you can print each coupon 2 times per computer/device. I was able to score 4 coupons total - 2 from my PC, and 2 from my iPhone!). Edit: has fixed the problem with the Almay coupon not scanning. If you printed this coupon after Monday 3/10, you should have no problems!

4. Moving on. Also at Walgreens this week, Rimmel Cosmetics are 50% off. I picked up the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal eye liner in "Taupe".  I'm not terribly familiar with this line, and I feel like everytime I try something from Rimmel, I hate it. With the exception of their eyeliners. namely the Scandaleyes Waterproof eyeliners. They are creamy and amazing. I didn't have this color, and I'm excited to put it to the test!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal eye liner in "Taupe"

5. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE Physicians Formula? I do. Love. Even though I'm a hoarder of all things makeup, I have pretty sensitive skin. Physicians Formula is Eco-friendly, and they normally use safe ingredients in their products. They even have organic products. I spotted 4 different shades of Physicians Formula Organic wear blush at my local Dollar Tree! These specific shades of blush are discontinued, which is why they were spotted at my Dollar Tree. The ones I found were "Pink Organics", "Rosy Organics", "Blushing Organics" & "Warming Organics". Once upon a time, these blushes retailed for around $12! So, needless to say, I got $48 worth of organic blushes for only $4! On a side note, I was a bit worried that these weren't "authentic", I mean, what a score, right? Plus, they were packaged differently than Physicians Formula cosmetics are normally packaged. So, I did a little research, and found that they are legit, and not knock-offs or fake at all! They have just been re-packaged so they fit better on Dollar Tree pegs. NICE! They are straight from the manufacturer and were stocked to fill orders from mass retailers, so when these shades got discontinued they send them to places like Dollar Tree.  So, hit up your local Dollar Tree, you never know what great finds you may see.

So another awesome week at the drugstore and a great surprise form the dollar store this week! I got $93.72 worth of makeup for only $7.45!!! It would have been even lower had I not ran into problems with the Almay coupon at Walgreens, but hey... I still saved over $80!

What beauty deals were you able to score this week? Make sure if you want to get in on the drugstore sales, you shop them before Sunday!