Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: theBalm Smoke Balm Palette Part 2

I did a full review a few weeks ago on a shadow trio that I found from theBalm at Kohls. And, I have been loving that one so much, that I decided to get the other trio palette as well. These shadows are so easy to work with and have a smooth, buttery texture. For a lot more info you can click here for the review on the other palette.

The three shades that come in this palette are:
Blaze, a dark charcoal semi-matte shade.
Spark, a cool matte medium brown shade &
Flame, a silvery champagne shade with lots of sparkle.

While the shades from these palettes are not the most pigmented I've ever worked with, they are certainly build-able. I personally like shadows that are build-able much better than uber-pigmented ones. They are much easier to work with, are much more forgiving, and don't cause harsh lines.

Again, these trio shadows retail fro $12 at Kohls and I haven't found them anywhere else. I personally think that these are well worth the $12 price tag and are such a fun addition to your shadow collection.


  1. got the second palette! I totally agree with you...these colors are really easy to work with and are very build-able! I have both and use them a lot. For the price - I think they are a great buy :)

  2. Love them! I just ordered theBalm's Nude Tude palette! It was 50% off yesterday during a flash sale. I can't wait for it. I'm seriously impressed by their shadows.