Thursday, May 1, 2014

Smackdown: Revlon ShadowLinks vs. Sally Girl Eyeshadow Connecting Compacts

There is no denying that these 2 products have been compared before. But, I owned the Sally Girl eyeshadow connecting compacts, and have for years. So, when I hauled the Revlon ShadowLinks last week, I knew I wanted to compare them for myself, which is why I intentionally bought the shades that I did in the Revlon ShadowLinks.


The packaging for both products are VERY similar. They both have a see-through plastic top with a hinged opening. They shut with a simple clasp design, and the sides of each individual shadows has a groove that you can slide into another like shadow. Note: You can not link the Sally Girl with the Revlon :)

The Revlon ShadowLinks retail for $2.99 per shadow, and are available at all drugstores and wherever else Revlon might be sold. The Sally Girl eyeshadow connecting compacts retail for $0.99 and are only available at Sally Beauty Supply stores and

Revlon ShadowLinks in "Oyster" & "Taupe"

Sally Girl eyeshadow connecting compacts in "Champagne" & "Black Brown"

To be honest, I heard from a number of different beauty gurus that the Revlon ShadowLinks were hit and miss/crap. But, I got great deals on the ones I hauled, so I thought this would be a great post, so I could save you all the trouble. I obviously didn't pay $2.99 for the ShadowLinks, so for me the Sally Girl eyeshadow connecting compacts were more expensive, but if you aren't a deal shopper, this information is irrelevant.

I think for now, I'm going to let the swatches speak for themselves.
I want you to keep in mind, that we are smacking down 2 inexpensive products, so the money issue isn't terribly relevant. But, think of things on a much higher scale and the savings could be huge! The Sally Girl eyeshadow connecting compacts are 1/3 the cost of the Revlon ShadowLinks, and they are clearly more pigmented! The Revlon shades are even built up, where the Sally Girl eyeshadow connecting compacts are one touch to the product, and one swipe of my finger! Say you wanted to build a compact with 6 of these shadows. The Revlon would cost you nearly $18, where the Sally Girl eyeshadow connecting compacts would cost around $6. I obviously think the Sally Girl wins this smackdown for me. This truly goes to show you that more expensive price tags do not equal higher quality.

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