Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: Stila Color Me Pretty Lip and Cheek Palette

It's no secret that my favorite high end highlighter is from Stila cosmetics. It's called "Kitten" and it's a duo shade compact with 2 highlight shades. I love it so much. So, when I spotted this Color Me Pretty Lip and Cheek Palette from Stila, it looked beautiful. But then, I noticed that it had a shade that was also called "Kitten". Just like my HG powder highlighter, only this is a cream formulation. So, basically all I'm saying, is that I had to get it.

This palette has a tin housing that holds 5 different cream shades that can be used for blush or lip colors. The instructions say that for blush, tap it onto cheeks, and for lips, press it on. The 5 shades are:

Kitten: A highy pigmented shimmery champagne
Peony: A dusty rose shade
Gerbera: A sweet rosy pink shade
Rose: A deep mauve shade, &
Petunia: A bright, coral pink.

All 5 shades have a somewhat dewy finish. Some more than others. And all of them are very pigmented. Peony, Gerbera, and Rose all have a staining effect on my skin and stick around a very long time. Overall this palette is a phenomenal value, and can be purchased at or at a discounted rate right now at! It retails for $28 but is $12.60 at For $12.60, this really cannot be beat if you are into cream products. This palette is versatile, and can be used for a variety of different looks on your face as well as lips! I love the formulation and the pigmentation as well.  

My only complaint is that the packaging feels pretty cheap. The tin is somewhat flimsy, but the real problem is the part where the pans are housed. The black part inside is super flimsy and whenever you press your finger into a shade it goes down, and I feel like it's going to break. So, for this reason, I'm giving it 4/5 winks!

Now, I'm sure you are all wondering how the "kitten" shade in this palette compares to the All Over Shimmer Duo. I've done a detailed picture graph below, but as you can see the darker shade from the All Over Shimmer Duo in "kitten" is the exact same shade that is in this palette! The only thing that I can tell as far as when it's swatched, is that the cream formulation from this palette is very shiny/dewy as opposed to the pressed powder found in the All Over Shimmer Duo. I love both equally and I'm so happy with this purchase! 

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