Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: theBalm Smoke Balm Smokey Eye Palette

Hey everyone! I have an exciting review for you today. theBalm Smoke Balm Smokey Eye Palette! This is a 3 shade palette that I found at Kohls this week. I got a GREAT deal on it (come back for more about that tomorrow). This is the first time I have played with theBalm shadows, and I gotta say, I'm impressed!

Can we start with how cute the packaging is? These shadows come in a cardboard housing with cute and fun graphics. The side has a picture of what looks like a matchbox striking strip (because this is a "smokey" palette ;) And the back of the package has a guide for how to apply these to make your eyes look smokey. Of course though, you can do whatever you want with these shades!

The three shades that come in this palette are:
Kindle, a dark green with a charcoal undertone that has a slight shimmer.
Glow, a matte medium brown shade &
Combust, a golden champagne shade with lots of sparkle.

All three shades feel velvety and smooth and are very decently pigmented. I never build up my swatches to give you a false hope of what cosmetics look like. One swipe and that's all they get. If you can see it then great, if not maybe it's not a good choice.

 I think these colors work together very well, and are a great addition to your collection! It retails for $12 at Kohls, and I'm pretty sure it's exclusively there. I could be wrong on that. What do you think of this palette? Worth $12 or is it a pass for you?


  1. I saw these at Khols a couple of weeks ago and I was drawn to the cute package... but I didn't have time to really look at them closely... I really love those colors.. especially the sparkly champagne and it's great to hear that they are nicely pigmented and also smooth. I will definitely give them a try!

    1. Yes! They are very pretty, they have 2 color options, I forgot to mention that in this post. The other one was great as well, and I had a hard time deciding! Let me know which one you get...

    2. So I finally got back to Kohls and decided to try these Smoke Balm Eyeshadow Palettes. I was going back and forth about which to buy, the brown or the green and totally could not decide... so I bought both - of course! I agree that the package is really cute - I really got a kick out of the warning labels which I didn't see until I got home. One says : "Warning: Men may stop, drop and roll" and the other says: "Warning: May cause shortness of breath in men" ... lol Anyways, I really love them both. The texture of the shadow is sooo smooth and buttery and they really went on so smoothly and easily with a brush. I would say that the pigmentation is really nice for all of the colors. While the two sets are fairly similar… I was definitely able to make really nice and different smokey looks with them. I really love the third colors in each palette, shimmery pearl in the brown and shimmery beige in the green... both are really rich colors and highly pigmented. I really love them both and am sure I will be using them a lot!

    3. So jealous that you have both! I may need to go pick up the other one!

    4. That would be great... then you can do a comparison!

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