Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Whats New: elf Blush Palette

I decided to go back to a little whats new today. I've told you about this product in one of my hauls in the past, but I decided to take some more in-depth photos and swatches for you.

There are 4 shades in this palette. There are two different palette options on the elf website, light and dark. I only purchased the light one, and I'm liking it so far. Three of the shades are pink, with one being a bronze color. So, this would be a great item to take traveling with you if you like options when you travel. The only shade that has any sort of sparkle is the bottom right shade. The other three are matte. These are decently pigmented, but not overly or surprisingly so.

One of the features of this palette that suprized me, was the fact that you can pop each shade out from the palette housing. Making me wonder, if elf is going to do something like sell the shades or new/other shades individually in the future.

Overall at $6, I think this is a great buy. You get four shades and they are all very pretty and blend-able. It's also a decent size, yet compact enough that I don't think it would be hard to travel with.

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