Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: Too Faced The Secret To No Makeup Makeup

Guess what? Summer is just around the corner (thank goodness!), and I'm not sure about you, but for me, that equals less time for my makeup routine. Plus, with swimming, sports, camping and playing outside, I feel like even if I do my makeup, it just melts off anyway. I wasn't necessarily searching for an all-in-one palette that can do my whole face with ease, but when I saw this Too Faced The Secret To No Makeup Makeup palette I thought this would be an awesome basic summertime healthy looking face kit.

I normally start with the packaging, so let me explain that first. It comes in a tin housing with a magnetic closure. When you open it, there are 6 products with labels for you to know what is what. The top has an insert/guide and when you remove it, there is a very small mirror behind it.

Here is what Too Faced has to say about this palette:
This multitasking face palette is your answer to creating the illusion of flawlessness. The collection is dedicated to complexion perfection—for a flawless “I was born perfect” look—any time of the day. With Too Faced’s signature how-to Glamour Guide included with three looks to get you started, the kit has everything you need to create a complete makeover, so it’s great for traveling or overnight stays.

This palette includes:

Bronzing Veil (Powder)
Creme Blush (Cream)
Blush (Powder)
Concealer (Cream)
Luminizer (Cream)
Brightener (Cream)

The Bronzing veil in this kit is nothing short of stunning. However, I personally wouldn't classify it as a bronzer. It isn't terribly dark, and even on my fair skin tone, it doesn't really "Bronze" my skin. It does illuminate and blur imperfections beautifully.

The Creme Blush is another stunner! This is a beautiful classic pink. A little goes a long way with this blush. It has a matte, yet dewy finish and it also has a slight staining effect, making it super long wearing.

The Blush in this palette is a light baby doll pink. This is the product in this kit that is just okay to me. It's decently pigmented, and it has a lot of sparkle, but it doesn't stick around that long. I would suggest using this over the Creme Blush for a longer lasting effect.

The Concealer is pretty good. It's a tad dark for me, so I can't use it under my eyes. It's great for minor imperfections and for canceling out slight pigmentation problems.

The Luminize is a peachy highlight that can be used for emphasizing the cheekbones, browbones, and down the bridge of the nose. I really like this product, and my only complaint is that it's not big enough.

The Brighten is a matte, peachy-yellow under toned correcter product. This is great for concealing dark circles, and to contour your face. I was very surprised how dark this looked in the pan vs. how light it was on my skin.

The insert that tucks inside this kit has three different looks that you can create using this palette, giving you a step-by-step color coded guide, and then on the flip-side there is a model demonstrating each look. I found this guide to be very helpful and a great resource.

This palette retails for $39.00, and is available wherever Too Faced cosmetics are sold. I think this is a great value for 6 products, being that they are pretty and pigmented. It's also very flattering on a lot of different sin tones. Overall I'm in love with this purchase, and can't wait for summer so that I can practice my "no makeup" look!

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