Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tip Tuesday: How to get more pigmentation out of your products, plus get a more even blend

Hi everyone. I get asked all the time about brushes. Which ones I use, which ones are better, which are cheapest yet still do the job, and more. Today, I want to share one makeup secret, that I feel a lot of makeup artists don't do or don't tell you that they do.... Use your fingers. It's kind of crazy for some people to think about that. I mean, it's free, we are constantly bombarded with expensive brushes and sponges. Your fingers are always there for you to use for lots of different things, why not your makeup application? I use my fingers a lot in my makeup routine. Plus, don't you find it kind of funny that you always use your fingers to blend moisturizer or serums into your skin. Why not foundation, blush, and eyeshadow? I find that especially with eyeshadows and other colorful products, like blush and bronzer, the pigmentation is more concentrated when you use your fingers vs when you use a brush. Here are a few tips that I use when I'm using my fingers to apply my makeup:

  1. Make sure your fingers are clean. You don't want to be spreading bacteria all over your face.
  2. Only pick up a small amount of your product. Especially if you don't know how pigmented it's going to be. You can always grab more if it's not enough.
  3. Use a light touch when you're applying the product to your skin. You don't want to drag or tug anything. Plus, it blends things a lot nicer when you use a light touch.
  4. Try to only use your fingers with lighter products. I find on myself, that I can get a great blend with lighter cosmetics when I use my finger than with darker cosmetics. But, that also depends on the products pigmentation, too. So, play around. You may love how your bronzer looks when you apply it with your fingers. 
So, do you use your fingers in your makeup application? 


  1. omg..... reading this tip makes me feel so much better! I mean, I've been using my fingers a lot to apply makeup but have always felt really badly because I've read all this advise that I should be using expensive brushes. Now I know my laziness is really forward thinking! :)

    So anyway, I use my fingers to apply my foundation and bronzer very often and sometimes even my shadow.

    1. I love using my fingers for eyeshadow.. it seems like it blends SO much better than with even the most expensive of brushes!