Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Haul: Revlon, NYC & Almay!

I am SO excited to share this weeks haul with you guys! I know last week, I mentioned that there were some good deals to be had this week at CVS. However, upon closer look, and the release of next weeks ad, I decided to wait until next week to haul some of the items I've been wanting, so I'll get a better deal on them then. I did end up getting 1 thing at CVS, though and I'll share that with you. So, on to the haul. I got 5 items this week, 4 from Rite Aid, then one at CVS when I went in for something else entirely (dang those beauty deals :).

1. I got 2 NYC liquid lipshine's in "Fashion Ave Fuchsia" & "Prospect Pink". These were from Rite Aid and they were on sale buy one get one free. They retailed at $1.99 each, so I paid $1.99 for both of them making them about $1 each.

 2. Almay Shadow Softies in "Creme Brulee". This also came from Rite Aid this week where all Almay cosmetics were 40% off. This had a retail of $4.99, and I printed a coupon for $2 off from here. So, with combining the sale and the coupon savings, I ended up paying about $1 for this eye shadow.

3. The last item I got from Rite Aid this week is a Revlon blush in "Haute Pink". This was also 40% off this week. Retail for this beauty is $9.99 and, I used a manufacturer coupon from here for $2 off and a Rite Aid coupon from here for $3 off, making this $10 blush only about $1 after sale and coupons. That's a 90% savings!! Not to mention, it's a perfect bright blush for spring.

4. Last but not least, I got another Almay Shadow Softies in "Hot Fudge". This one was from CVS, and was not on sale at all. But I went into CVS to get some chocolate for an afternoon fix, and I scanned my extra-care card at the wonderful magical coupon machine inside most all CVS stores, and it printed a lovely coupon for me to use that was for $4 off any Almay color cosmetic item. So, of course I marched myself over to the Almay display and found that their Shadow Softies were only $4.99 (you can see the price in the background of the above picture). So, I scored this Almay Shadow Softies for only about $1. BUT WAIT!!! I'm a member of the CVS beauty club, which gives me $5 extra-bucks for every $50 I spend in the beauty department. That $50 is BEFORE coupons. So, even though I only paid $1, the full price of $4.99 will go towards the beauty club balance. So, if you take the $5 for every $50, and think of that as 10% off of your beauty purchase, 10% off of $4.99 is about 50 cents. So, my grand total after all is said and done, was about 50 cents for this Almay Shadow Softies.

There you have it! I got $24 worth of makeup this week for only $4.50!!! That's a huge savings. Make sure you visit next weeks Friday haul where I show you how you can make money on your beauty purchases from the drug store.


  1. That's it. Please take me with you. This sounds like so much fun!!!

    1. Okay, Victoria! I'm headed to Walgreens and CVS on Monday for next weeks haul. Wanna come?

  2. I just saw this...message me on Facebook because Iwould seriously love to tag along next time. :)

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