Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: QVC excusive Tarte Colored Clay 7-Pc Collection with Bag

 Image taken from QVC's website

First, let me just start by saying, that my FAVORITE brand of makeup is tarte. I love that they promote a more natural line of makeup and skincare. Their ingredients are usually safe, and they are effective! I honestly have not bought something from the line that I haven't loved. So, when I saw this set as the 'todays special value' on QVC, I grabbed it.

This 7 piece set includes the following:
  • clay eyeliner in Black
  • LipSurgence Lip Gloss in True Love, a sheer raspberry shade
  • clay blush bronzer in Pink Bronze
  • colored clay SPF 15 liquid foundation
  • colored clay CC primer
  • lights, camera, LASHES mascara in Black
  • Bamboo foundation brush
  • and Bonus makeup bag
All items in this set are full size, and if you were to buy them separately, it would cost you well over $200. Currently, as I'm typing this blog post, it is for sale here for $65.96 with $7.22 S&H. You're saving well over 60% on this people!

On to my review. Lets start with the foundation. The colored clay SPF 15 liquid foundation as of right now is a QVC exclusive, and it is what makes this set stand out in my opinion. The set comes with a brush to apply it with, and the 2 products work together wonderfully! The foundation comes in the same jar as the Amazonian clay airbrush foundation. It has a net-like sifter that you touch your brush with to get a small amount of product, then you buff it onto your face. The lid of the jar has a stopper on the inside to prevent the foundation from spilling all over the place, and you are supposed to shake the jar before each use. This foundation is very build-able, and lasts all day with a satin matte finish. It is quickly replacing my go-to foundation (tarte's Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage SPF 15). I have very oily patches, and also have some dry patches as well, and it wears very well on me throughout the day. It doesn't cling to my dry areas, and there is very little to no breakdown where I'm more oily.

Moving on to the colored clay CC primer. This product I'm a bit on the fence about. I like it enough that I will probably repurchase it, but it's definitely not my favorite primer of all time. Mainly because of the color it leaves on my skin. it has 4 chambers of color on a very chubby stick, that you drag across your face and then buff out with your fingers. 2 chambers are skin colored, 1 is a very light green that is supposed to counteract any redness on your face and then the last chamber is purple, which is supposed to even out and brighten your skin. I'm very pale, and I got the shade 'fair' in this stick, and it goes on a bit dark for me. Once I sheer it our with my fingers, and then apply foundation over it, it looks just fine. But, this isn't a product that I can use alone by any means like the description says.

The clay blush bronzer in Pink Bronze is one of the more disappointing products in this kit. Everyone who loves makeup knows that tarte's Amazonian clay 12-Hour blush is a cult favorite. And, this blush in comparison to those is just okay. The bronzer portion is very peachy and the blush portion is very pale and not very highly pigmented. when you swirl around the whole pan, you get a very brownish peachy pink color that has a slight shimmer to it. The staying power of this blush bronzer is decent, however not as good as the Amazonian clay blush that is a tarte favorite. Overall, I'm not sure tarte could have really gotten it any better after the Amazonian clay blush, to be honest. So if I weren't comparing this blush to that, then it would be okay.

 The clay eyeliner in Black is a nice addition to this kit as well. It is a waterproof twist up eyeliner, and the pigmentation is good, the staying power is great, and it is very smooth to apply. I used it in my waterline when I first got this, and it lasted about 6 hours, which is a decent amount of time for me. And, when worn as a normal eyeliner next to my lash line, it stays all day with no visible signs of wear. 

Next, the LipSurgence Lip Gloss in True Love is yet another QVC exclusive product as of right now. When I got this kit, I wasn't expecting to like this gloss very much. Being on the more pale side I try to steer clear of bold lip colors in general, but this one was surprisingly great. You can sheer it out for a more natural pinkish red look, or build it up to be a more intense berry red. The doe foot applicator has a divot at the top that holds a lot of product which has been something that most people haven't liked about this product. I'm okay with it, and I think it makes this lip gloss different. The divot forms to your lips better than a normal doe foot applicator, and it holds more product on it, too. It has a very pleasant and light scent, and a touch of sparkle.  It's not very sticky when you sheer it out like I like to do, and it would go on top of a berry or red toned lipstick awesomely! Another new hit from tarte! I can't wait to try new shades of these when they come out.

Lastly, the lights, camera, LASHES mascara is something that wasn't new to me at all. I've been using this mascara for a long time, and it is a go-to for me. It doesn't flake, it doesn't smudge and it separates your lashes very wonderfully. The snake skin purple packaging is adorable, and it lasts all day with out making you look like a raccoon by the end of it. Love!

The bag that comes with these products is rather large. it is a bright pink zip top bag, and it holds everything you get with this kit, plus LOTS more. It has a cute little golden tarte embellishment on one side and the material is a smooth polyester that feels pretty sturdy.

Overall, this set was a big hit for me. With the exception of the blush everything in this kit was stellar. QVC also has everything on auto-ship as well, and the auto-ship has a few changes every time. You can go here to see what you'll get next if you choose to do the auto-ship.

So, what do you think of this kit? A must have? Not a tarte fan? Don't think it's a great value? Let me know in the comments!


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