Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Coconut oil-how I use it in my beauty routine

Behold the power of coconut! I'm addicted to this little gem, and for many reasons! I'm sure you've heard of the many benefits of coconut oil for the skin, hair and body. It's something that is quickly becoming a household staple for many people. I use coconut oil for lots of things, including cooking and baking. It's a 1:1 substitution for butter. And, it's probably the most versatile product in my beauty arsenal. Here are some of the ways I like to use this wonderful oil in my beauty routine.

As a hair mask:
Coconut oil as a hair mask is so perfect. It has essential fatty acids that can repair damage, and it's super moisturizing so it leaves behind a beautiful sheen without making your hair look "oily". I will use coconut oil on my hair 1-2 times per week during the summer and more than that during the winter if my hair needs it. Typically I will mash it with a dropper full of argan oil, too. Argan oil is full of vitamin E, which coconut oil lacks, so they make a great pair. I will leave it on for around an hour, but you can leave it on over night for a deep repair if needed. When your done, just shampoo your hair a few times, until it feels clean again. No need for conditioner after a treatment like this.

As a moisturizer:
Swapping coconut oil for lotion is simple! Plus, coconut oil is GOOD for you skin, where most lotions and creams you buy at the store are full of chemicals like parabens. I like to slather my skin in a good healthy coating of coconut oil right after I get out of the shower. It only takes a few seconds for the oil to absorb into my skin, and it leaves my skin looking like I have a satin-like glow.

As a mineral makeup base:
I love me some mineral makeup! It's natural, it has a beautiful finish, and it's good for your skin. During the summer months, mineral makeup is my every day staple. But, in the winter, my skin gets a bit too dry to use it without looking like a chalky mess! Coconut oil to the rescue.... I will place a tiny amount of coconut oil in the palm of my hand to warm it up so it melts, then I'll tap some mineral foundation on top and swirl it around to make a liquid foundation consistency.  Using my fingers or a foundation brush, I'll apply it to my face and buff it into my skin. It transforms my powdered mineral foundation into a moisturizing tint that covers and blurs all my imperfections. And the best part? It's chemical free! And, again you guessed it-good for your skin.

As a makeup remover:
Have you ever bought a mascara that was fabulous, and didn't flake at all, and didn't smudge at all, and was waterproof, so you could cry, swim and sweat and it would still look awesome? And, did that same mascara haunt you at the end of the day after you've scrubbed everything else off your face? Ya, been there. But, now you can remove it so fast and easily now that you have coconut oil in your bathroom cabinet. Just massage a pea sized amount onto you closed eyes, for about 30 seconds, then wipe clean with a warm, damp wash cloth. I promise it will come off with this technique. It has saved my eyelashes more than once! Just please make sure you don't get the coconut oil in your eyes. While it's natural and most people say it's okay for you to put coconut oil in your eyes, your eye makeup may not be okay to get in there.

As a scrub:
Okay, coconut oil alone is not a great scrub. But when you mix it with a tiny amount of baking soda it's amazing! Seriously, nothing makes my skin feel as baby soft as when I use this 2 ingredient scrub. Just warm a small amount of coconut oil in the palm of your hand, then sprinkle a tiny amount of baking soda on top. Swirl it together to make a thin paste, then very gently buff it onto your skin. Gently being the key word here. You don't want to be too harsh or you could irritate your skin. Gentle, circular motions with the pads of your fingertips for about a minute, then rinse off. It's easy and so effective, and also so much cheaper than scrubs that you buy at the store. Plus, again, it's natural, so no worrying about a chemical rash or worse!

As a replacement for neosporin:
Yes, you read that right. You can swap coconut oil for neosporin! It is antibacterial and naturally lubricates the cut or scrape and promotes healing. If your worried about it not killing enough germs, and the cut is pretty deep, you can also add a drop of tea tree oil with you coconut oil, and that will boost the antibacterial action by a lot. Just, make sure you wash the wound with warm soapy water before applying your oils.

And, that's it! How do you use coconut oil? Comment below and share!

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