Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Haul: Physicians Formula - major money maker!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for being so MIA the past few weeks! Kids are home for the summer, and I can't seem to find the time to get dressed for the day, let alone blog. I really wanted to share this deal with you today, though. So, I'm up way later than I should be on a Thursday night, typing up this blog post. This isn't going to be terribly picture heavy, so I apologize in advance for all the rambling.

This week at CVS, if you buy 2 Physicians Formula products, you get $10 back in Extra Bucks! To make this a SWEET deal, you need to hunt down some peelies. At Ulta, I spotted a Physicians Formula display that had a bunch of the new CC+ products as well as some of the Super BB items, and they all had pink peelies that said "Get Up To $25 Back!" So, I grabbed one and read it to reveal that all you had to do to get $25, is buy 3 CC+ or Super BB items and submit your receipt along with the peelies showing you purchased them and they will send you a check for $25!

So, wanna know how to make major money on this deal? Keep reading. Like I mentioned above, at CVS this week you get $10 back for buy 2  Physicians Formula products. I went on an even further hunt for some different peelies that I knew I had seen before at Rite Aid. So, I stopped by and sure enough there was a display with the same products and they all had $3 off pink coupons attached to them! I snached 3 of them up, and here is what I came up with using all of these various coupons...

$12.99 Super CC+ Concealer
$13.99 Super CC+ Powder
$14.99 Super CC+ Cream
-$9.00 (3 $3 off coupons attached to products at Rite Aid)
-$3.00 ($3 off any Physicians Formula coupon from red machine)
-$3.00 ($3 off any Cosmetics purchase of $15 or more coupon from red machine)
-$10.00 (Bucks that printed on my receipt for a future purchase)
-$25.00 (Mail-In-Rebate here)
-$4.19 (10% back for Beauty Club membership - 10% is always taken BEFORE coupons)

Even if you can't find or don't have all of the same coupons that I have this is still an AWESOME deal! 

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