Friday, June 6, 2014

A Beautiful Gift for a Teacher

Hey everyone. I didn't do a haul post this week, but rest assured that one will come at you next week with some hot deals! Instead, today I wanted to share with you an idea for an end of the year teacher gift. I really wanted to give my kids' teachers something beauty related. Both of my older kids that are in school have the greatest and trendiest female teachers, and I'm such a sucker for cosmetics, so I was sure they would love something to pamper themselves.

I looked on pinterest and google for hours trying to find something clever and just couldn't. So I came up with my own thing, and wanted to share it with you!

First, I went to my local Walmart and picked up some makeup brushes. Actual colored cosmetics are extremely personal, so I didn't want to get them some eyeshadow or blush, that they may end up hating.

Then, I created a card that had a clever saying, and they loved it! Feel free to save the image and print it off for yourself. I got mine printed at Walmart and they turned out great.

I hope this helped any stumped Mommas out there! I realize that school is over for most of you, but there is always next year, and Christmas, too! Have a beautiful, and flawless day :)